The discreet charm of Gina Rinehart

Get to know your ruling class! By BRANFORD PERRY In the huge barrel of plutocratic arrogance rotten apples don’t come much bigger than Gina Rinehart, the cantankerous, cheap, and mean-spirited Australian mining heiress for whom Randian hyper individualism and the law of the jungle come as naturally as breathing. The Forbes précis on this woman […]

ARGO: Ben Affleck’s glorifying of CIA ops in Iran

There are films that simply should not be made, and this is clearly one of them. The historical context in which a work of mass communication is created and distributed should be taken into account by morally responsible artists. It rarely is. By Patrice Greanville, The Greanville Post FILM BLITZ REVIEWS: ARGO [2012] Ben Affleck’s […]