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L’incorruptible…Robespierre .  Those who make change impossible make revolution inevitable.

No, not that B.P.—the horrid corporate vulture that almost killed one of this planet’s most vital and beautiful ecosystems over a pittance of dollars…kind of typical, actually. Oh, as you know, this outrageous situation continues to date as the US president and his team have done fuckall to prevent a new crisis.

BP stands in this case for Branford Perry, my very limey name, given to me by a pair of very proper and chauvinist parents who earnestly thought (quelle innocence!) that nothing good could ever come from not being British. I spent the early part of my life in the corporate/science groove, as a geologist no less, later switching to another track that bears no mention here as it is (or was) the summation of everything that any reasonable human would regard as a crushing bore. The important thing is that I somehow emerged with almost all my marbles from such tribulations. Maybe to salvage some of my self-respect in my semi-retired middle age I became something of a political obsessive, often carving up time way into the wee hours to complete what I thought was the atrocious holes in my political education.

After acquiring a reasonable understanding of the way the world really operates (not exactly The Times‘s version of history), and thanks to many people whose guidance and example I cannot ever properly repay, as they liberated my mind from claptrap, I devote now much of my free time to watching, commenting, and in other ways educating and annoying countless people whose chief misfortune is to cross my electronic path on an issue I regard as material. Like just about anything and everything—since everything IS connected.

Insults or praise can be channelled via my undernourished Facebook page, at http://www.facebook.com/branford.perry, or hurled directly at branfordp@hipokrisy.net

Don’t be shy.  No time for that.


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