Happy Birthday, Mr. President, Fuck You!

Diane Gee salutes in her inimitable manner the big-time imperialist, smooth phony and Wall Street shill in the White House.

Barack Obama,  John Boehner

In honor of our War Criminal in Chief’s Birthday, I would like to offer my best wishes and heartfelt love to all the people he has cold-bloodedly murdered, my appreciation for the ass raping he has given our grandchildren via tar sand and fracking approval, my best wishes for all the blessings he has bestowed on the banks, insurance, pharma and the oil companies while old people eat cat food, and my utter devotion for his enabling of the exciting statistical anomaly of having more empty, foreclosed homes than homeless people.

I will now don my best fake-breathy Marilyn impersonation and sing,

“…Happy birthday, fuck you, happy birthday, fuck you, happy birthday, Mr. president, happy birthday fuck you…”

Tell me AGAIN why I should vote for anal polyp A over hemorrhoid B? There is no lesser of the two assholes.

3rd Party, Biotches, open your eyes.

Obama says Fuck You

Almost 800,000 views on YouTube, and counting. The man’s popular. 

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