Andrea Mitchell interviews smooth-talking charlatan for capitalism

By George Milton, Hipographia

Just a post to show my readers a classical (and all-too-common) example of smooth apology for capitalism, with the media, in this case, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, hardly raising any objections to the verborrhea of lies. (The time for polite is over, media people. Help the public or get the fuck out of the way.)

Observe this guy’s schtick.  His name is Kevin Madden.  He comes fully armed with the usual spiel used by “conservatives” over and over again. Riddled with lies, cynical lies at that.  But artfully finetuned to fit the current circumstances.  Of course, as we might expect, this pezzo di merda is a Romney advisor. So with the typical audacity of a trained disinformer (see below a bioblurb on him) he attacks Obama for supposedly hampering our poor capitalists in their pursuit of profits…is that a laugh or what?

Never mind that Mr Have-it-both-ways hopey-changey never met a billionaire he didn’t want to service.  Or that—occasional rhetoric aside— he IS for all intents and purposes a creature created and owned by Wall Street.

So the upshot is pure confusion. Guaranteed. And increasing desperation. For where can people run? All the exits lead to the same crap.  It’s a mindfuck alright.

Anyone can lie with impunity 

They lie to the people from the right and they lie to the people from the “left”.   The people (we’re talking here the ordinary citizen who rarely has a discerning antenna or time to go searching for left sites) are presented with a uniform script of reality which stinks in terms of honesty.  Everything is upside down.  But what chance does the common person against this kind of refined manipulation? None.

Mission impossible

Learn to recognize the filthy lies used to defend the status quo, and especially the “business system” and develop immediate responses to them. And don’t be too polite.


I have a huge spleen and, living of all places in Orange County, where having a brain or any decency is severely penalized,  I get my fill of insults every day. I can see now that my years in the army were a waste.  I fought for an illusion.

But at least I get angry.  I haven’t become sheeple. What about you?

PS/ Considering what the Republicans are up to these days (and DO NOT read this as an endorsement of the corrupt and treacherous Democrats, who are hardly much better) would it be too much to call this guy Madden, a professional enabler of Republican policies and politicians, a Beltway insider, a parasitic p.r. hack, an “enemy of the people.” What would you call him?

Kevin Madden is Executive Vice President of Public Affairs of JDA Frontline, a public affairs firm with offices in Washington, D.C. and Charleston, S.C.

Prior to joining JDA Frontline, Mr. Madden was a Managing Director with The Glover Park Group, a leading public affairs firm based in Washington D.C.

Most notably, during the 2008 election cycle, Mr. Madden served as National Press Secretary and Senior Communications Strategist for Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

Prior to joining Governor Romney’s campaign, Mr. Madden served as Press Secretary to then-House Majority Leader and now-House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). In that capacity, Mr. Madden served as a top communications strategist for the House of Representatives leadership office charged with directing legislative action on a wide range of issues including financial services, energy, national security, legal reform, transportation and telecommunications policy among others.



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